Random Acts of Kindness Event

Why May 12th?

The boys were born on May 12, 2015 and we’ve chosen to honor their lives by doing random acts of kindness on their day, the 12th of May each year.

How can you participate?

Think of anything that would bring joy to someone else’s day and you’ve got it. Ideally it would be a small surprise, maybe even for a complete stranger. The goal is to get 12 small acts done before May 12th is over. 12 acts on 5/12, get it? Please also wear blue on May 12th in their memory!

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Need some ideas?

Your acts of kindness can be anything from donating a piece of clothing, buying someone’s coffee in line, or picking up a piece of litter everyone else walked by. The opportunities are truly endless. If 12 seems like a lot, please join in and do as many as you can – there’s no act too small!

If you have a printer, you can download and print these kindness tags and attach them to anything you give out. That way strangers get to know Luke and Liam’s story, and hopefully even continue the movement.

Print Kindness Tags Here

Share your acts of kindness!

We want to spread the word and the love, so please post your acts on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #ForLandL

You can check out how others are participating on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/forlandl/ and on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/forlandl.

We’ll also be streaming the posts from Instagram right here on the website so that you can follow along.

More Random Kindness Ideas